What we did: We went to In-N-Out to have burgers and play some games.

What we learned: We learned that we need to hold the receipts until we get our order, and then give the receipts to the facilitators. 

Why we liked it: We liked it because the burgers are delicious and had so much fun playing UNO.


Last Saturday, we made Christmas cards and ornaments for PCDA. The tools we used to make Christmas cards and ornaments are hot glue gun, colored papers, cottons, and stickers. Once we finished everything, we hung up ornaments on the Christmas trees upstairs, and put the cards on the front door on the building.

Last Saturday we made some nachos. First we went to Ralphs and get some ingredients, and some drinks. Then  we walked back to PCDA to make the treat. Next we melted the cheese with the chips then put dressings on separate plates. And finally we finished and chowed down.

Eaton Canyon hike 11/02

What we did: We went hiking at Eaton Canyon up to the waterfall. 

What we learned: We learned how to climb up the rocks and how to go across the streams. We also learned that we should wear better shoes.

Why we liked it: We liked it because it’s awesome and epic.

We went to Ralph’s to buy canned foods like soup, tomato soup, and stuff like Jello and corn muffin mix. We learned to Always keep track on the prices of food we get. We liked that we helped some family’s.