Going to pawfection

We went to pawfection and we got to see all the different dogs. We were able to pet them. The people who worked at pawfection told us the rules of the place. They told us that if we weren’t allergic to dogs, then we will have fun here. We enjoyed ourselves and all the dogs and spent time with each other. 



We made quesadillas. We went to Ralph’s to get some tortillas, four types of cheese, and lemonade/ice tea.

We learned how to make quesadillas.

We liked it because it was delicious.

What we did: We went to In-N-Out to have burgers and play some games.

What we learned: We learned that we need to hold the receipts until we get our order, and then give the receipts to the facilitators. 

Why we liked it: We liked it because the burgers are delicious and had so much fun playing UNO.

Movie-thon at Pcda

The group hatched the watched a series of unfortunate events all of s also bought snacked at subway to eat while we watched.
Jim Carey is a great actor. Moral of movie is treasure every moment of your life
It was a great historic and we’ll-created film…suspenseful,comical, and riveting