Clean PCDA

We learned how to organize and cleaned
We cleaned the PCDA’s toy closet
We liked it because it makes PCDA cleaner and makes it a better place


Pasadena Symphony at PCDA!

Pasadena Symphony at PCDA!

On Saturday, four members of the Pasadena Symphony came to play for us and let us try out their instruments. They played lots of songs we knew from movie soundtracks and Mozart!

Last Saturday we made some nachos. First we went to Ralphs and get some ingredients, and some drinks. Then  we walked back to PCDA to make the treat. Next we melted the cheese with the chips then put dressings on separate plates. And finally we finished and chowed down.

Adventure at Library

Facilitators: Enoch, Anabel 

Activity: Social 

Location: Pasadena Library 

Our group went to the library to search for information about colleges on the computer.  We learned about the requirements of different colleges. We liked it mostly because it is  big, clean, and had a lot of tools to find information on anything we need. 

Eaton Canyon hike 11/02

What we did: We went hiking at Eaton Canyon up to the waterfall. 

What we learned: We learned how to climb up the rocks and how to go across the streams. We also learned that we should wear better shoes.

Why we liked it: We liked it because it’s awesome and epic.