Pumpkin carving

what we did carving pumpkins to give to regency park which was a volunteer community.what we learned how to carving pumpkins.why we liked it because I carved a “witch”.we got pumpkin seed.


police academy tour

 we took a tour to a police academy tour. our team member brian and his dad showed us around the basic areas for practice, games, and etc


what we learned

How to play racket ball

police Academy has a lot of fun other games. 

about the shooting ranges at the police academy etc.

Why we liked it

Brian: racket ball

Kevin: racket ball 

Eric: influential

Nathan: racket ball, tracks

Yael: racketball


We went to Ralph’s to buy canned foods like soup, tomato soup, and stuff like Jello and corn muffin mix. We learned to Always keep track on the prices of food we get. We liked that we helped some family’s.